General Elijah Crane

One illustrious member of the Lodge was General Elijah Crane, of Canton, who was made a Mason in Rising Star Lodge, June 26, 1804; was elected as proxy to the Grand Lodge, Nov. 15, 1804; was elected Master of Rising Star Lodge, Dec. 1, 1808, and served three years; was reelected Master, Nov. 12, 1818, and served to April 27, 1820, at which time he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by the Grand Master-of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. He afterwards achieved the high honor of election as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1832, and served for the year 1833. Elijah Crane was. born in Milton, Mass., Aug. 29, 1754, and died in Canton, March 21, 1834. He was a descendant,in the fifth generation from Henry Crane, who was one of the colony which emigrated from Great Britain under John Winthrop, and settled in Dorchester in 1630.

He was a man of large,' erect stature, well-developed form, and graceful carriage. He always took deep interest in military affairs, and attained the high position of Major-General of the First Division of the militia of Massachusetts. In politics he was a Federalist, and was liberal in his religious views. He was sheriff of Norfolk county about twenty years, and was employed to a large extent on public work, he being among the first to develop the granite quarries in this vicinity. He was a man of impartial and sound judgment, with a rigid adherence to the right, and was frequently sought as arbitrator by his neighbors and townsmen.

Captain Anthony Palermo Jr.

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A Tribute to Rising Star Lodges' Fallen Brother, U.S. Army Captain Anthony Palermo, Jr.